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October 13, 2020
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On Roads Law of UAE

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International Driving Permit (IDP) is a special licence for tourists authorised by the United Nations in 1968. UAE is a base to foreigners. They swarm here in search of work and business. Most of them have a valid licence of their country. UAE international driving licence is a must for all travelling to foreign countries. An IDP is a valid driving licence that permits the holder to drive in any country. IDP is legally accepted in more than 168 countries. The existing IDP is valid for one year.

Travelling abroad! An UAE international driving licence is mandatory. International driving permits (IDP) are issued in Emirates by automobile and touring club of UAE (ATCUAE).

1. A valid UAE driving licence.
2. Two recent photographs.
3. Passport copy of the resident of UAE.
4. Passport with a valid residential visa of the expatriate.

The above documents are essential while applying for an international driving permit. Recognised in 180 countries, the new IDP is printed in ten languages. This helps to overcome the language barrier in foreign land. UAE citizens visiting foreign countries are warned of fraudulent permits. An accident with an invalid licence can get you into hot waters. The documents can also be used as an identity in case the passport gets misplaced.

Happy travelling! Let the experts take care of you on road.

Have a car? Insure it against unexpected accident and damage. Car insurance is mandatory for all car owners. Some dealers offer a year of free insurance coverage on purchase of a new car. The owner has to complete the formality of insurance and registration from the second year. You cannot register a vehicle unless you have insured it.

The premium of the insurance depends on:

1. New and third party owner.
2. The brand of the vehicle. Expensive cars have a high insurance coverage payment.
3. The age of the driver.

Car insurance plays a very important role in protecting you, your family and your car. There are several car insurance companies in Abu Dhabi. Browse through their online quotes, customize your plan and select a suitable coverage for your vehicle. Insurance covers your vehicle against all accidental damages, fire and theft. You get the benefit of saving your time by registering yourself with the insurance company. This service is offered for a trivial fee.

Applying for car insurance in Abu Dhabi is simple.

1. A quick and easy claim process.
2. The best repairing garages.
3. Instant and hassle free car replacement benefit.

The cost of insurance depends on the coverage plan you opt for and the "no claim bonus" that you gained in the past years.


1. Drivers between 25 to 65 years with a valid UAE driving licence. (Drivers under 25 may find insurance to be expensive or hard to acquire.)
2. Drivers with 1 year UAE driving licence or 2 years of valid driving licence of the migrants.
3. Vehicle must be not more than 10 years old.
4. The vehicle must be for the driver's personal use.

A registration of a vehicle is curtailed without insurance. It also helps to keep your vehicle well maintained.

Abide the law and order when in UAE to makes your stay blissful and smooth flowing.


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