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July 8, 2020
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Is it Possible to Find a Rental Car's History?

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Most car rental companies normally keep their late-model cars for rent for one to two years after being in service. When the cars are retired from service, they will normally be sold at an auction, through a dealer, or directly from the rental company. When buying a rental car, one can usually get a real good deal. However, like any other vehicle you are interested in buying, it is important to find out the rental car history.

There are a number of benefits to purchasing a rental car. There can be good financing deals, affordable prices, easy access to company maintenance records, factory warranties may still be valid, and there are a variety of makes and models. Many of these companies inspect and maintain their vehicles regularly. and keep them clean and in good mechanical condition. With the many benefits, potential buyers have to consider that the vehicle has been driven by multiple owners so the car may have been mistreated, the vehicle may have high mileage, and there may be some damage.

Before purchasing a rental car you should protect yourself by acquiring a report on the history of the car. You can normally find pot about the history of the car by checking the title. You can contact the Department of Motor Vehicles request a title report giving. You will receive a history of the car's ownership from the date of its first purchase.

You can also find out a rental car's history by acquiring a CarFax report. Each year, CarFax is accessed by millions of people. Vehicle history reports are available for all used cars and light trucks model year from 1981 and later. Once you enter the VIN number, a report is made available about the car from a database of more than 6 billion records. Report is instantly generated from our database of over six billion records. CarFax obtains its data from over 20,000 information sources. This includes: vehicle auctions, fire and police departments, every U.S. and Canadian provincial motor vehicle agencies, plus, collision repair facilities, fleet management and rental agencies - etc.

Vehicle history reports include:

- Odometer readings Normal mileage for a rental is 20,000 - 30,000 miles.
- Registration and Title information
- Vehicle use (rental, lease, etc.)
- Previous owners
- Recall repair history.
- Accident history, (exterior damage, flood, accident indicators, such as airbag deployments)
- State emissions inspection results
- Service records
- Service Records:

Many companies sell cars out of their rental fleet. It's always best to have rental cars inspected by a mechanic before buying. For more information, contact your local car rental company. Buying a rental vehicle through Budget rental car sales can save you money, and you can own a vehicle with relatively low mileage and possibly some remaining warranty. Be a smart consumer before you buy and think of your rental car purchase as a large purchase, so put in the due diligence first. Reputable car rental companies generally conduct regular maintenance on their vehicles and replace them after only eight to 12 months.


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