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August 8, 2020
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Japanese Car Makers Aren't The Only Ones Producing Hybrids

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When you think of cars, Ford is probably one of the first things that come to mind. It has been around the American car landscape for a century and people often think highly of the company and of the model T. Ford did not get into the hybrid market as quickly as either Honda or Toyota but it did work to pick itself up quickly with its Ford Escape hybrid. When you think of this, it fits right in with Ford's strategy. Both Honda and Toyota focus upon automobiles while Ford has had an edge within the SUV field with its Ford Explorer for many years. Creating a hybrid SUV fits with a great deal of its consumer base.

The Ford Escape is a compact SUV and is both gas and electric. The vehicle was built and marketed in a strong fashion and subsequent consumer demand matched Ford's hard work. To ensure that there are no legal issues with the leading technology which Toyota has created, an agreement was forged between Ford and Toyota to use some of the hybrid technology which had patented. The vehicle was first introduced in 2004 and in 2006 it had developed a hybrid system acknowledged within the industry as being more advanced than many of the hybrid systems out there. You can now purchase the Ford Escape hybrid as a full hybrid. The car was built in such a smart fashion that is able to use different power combinations depending upon how you drive your car so that it can maximize its fuel-efficiency. This will have an impact both in the way you drive and in the financial sense as you will save more money.

With the success of its first hybrid, Ford has since turned to creating another hybrid SUV. It is producing this under the Mercury brand label and it is very similar to the Ford Escape hybrid. A Mazda SUV hybrid is being developed as well. Part of Ford's strategy has been to focus on SUV market segment but it has not completely dismissed the thought of developing a hybrid automobile. SUVs are still very much in demand with consumers and Ford is parlaying its strong reputation as a creator of good SUVs with the Ford hybrid SUVs.

When looking to buy a Ford hybrid, make sure to also look into tax rebates as the federal tax credit is offered on some Ford hybrids. If you are looking for a SUV hybrid, make sure to look into Ford as it has over a hundred patents that are currently being developed on its hybrid technology. This is one company which is not standing still but is rather looking to further its use of hybrid technology.


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