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Installing car amplifiers is challenging. You have to make sure the amplifier gets enough air circulation to keep from overheating while enclosing it in a way that prevents theft. Satisfying these needs doesn't always yield the best looking results. But, you can still show off your personal style when installing your amplifier with these simple suggestions. Picture how you want the amp to look.

12 Mar 20

Many car owners overlook the importance of proper vehicle care. Balancing the tires, checking the mechanical systems, inspecting the ignition and examining the brakes are all key to improving a vehicle's longevity and fuel efficiency. A well maintained car is a safer and more economical car.

06 May 20

If you have ever brought your vehicle to a garage or even to the dealership to have it fixed you understand exactly how much it can wind up costing you. And one of the big problems relating to this is you need to take their word for what is wrong with your vehicle simply because you really do not understand what the issue is.

10 Jun 20

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22 Oct 20
There is an old story - perhaps you have heard it - about a young princess who goes driving off to work in her trusty little chariot (perhaps a used Honda would be a more accurate description). But alas, before she reaches her intended destination, her chariot drops dead on the highway and must be towed to the nearest chariot repair shop.
17 Nov 20
Everyone who buys a car knows about the maintenance they have to perform. Jiffy Lube has done a great job of educating people to get their oil changed every three months or three thousand miles. As well, most people are aware that a tune-up is needed every so often. However, one of the biggest expenses in routine car maintenance is getting your Yokohama tires replaced.
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13 Nov 20
When a car lease is up after two or three years, many vehicle owners simply turn around and lease a new one. Rarely do they renew, or buy it out. Many dealerships offer deals too good to pass up, such as low or non-existent interest rates, in order to encourage a new lease. After all, there's an eager market for young, slightly used sets of wheels.
27 Nov 20
While fuel prices go up, everyone is now more agitated with every trip to the gas station. The majority of people would be happy to pay less money, but they are completely uninformed of the many things that could save them money. People invest hard earned cash on items that make daring claims about improving gas mileage only to be ripped off.
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